Monday, December 11, 2017

Baby Body parts

But one of the more serious undercover journalism by non professionals was the publicity about the lucrative market of selling baby parts from abortions: Something that is illegal.

Didn't get much publicity, of course.

and no one in the Obama administration justice Dept gave it glance (although the FBI might now look into it ).

But I did run across this article: The company making huge profits on the illegal scam got shut down by... the local Orange County district attorney in California!?

LATimes: 2 companies reahch $7.7 million dollar settlement

translation: they got shut down, and a small fine. Where did that 7 million dollar figure come from? That's what their illegal inventory of baby body parts was worth, and now they will have to give them away for "research".

Wesley Smith points out that the deal is not perfect, but they did get shut down... and no punishment for planned parenthood who were the source of the body parts...

and of course, PP and others made a lot of money out of this: did this bias their counseling sessions for the mothers, to push abortion but no other options (something unethical in medicine)...

and of course, one doubts that any of the moms were aware that the type of abortion done (so that the body parts were easier to "harvest") was more dangerous to her health too... nor were the mothers compensated, of course (which would be a bigger ethical problems: carrying the kid to make money then killing him).

Mr Burke, call your office. Mr Hare please answer your page...Dr. Knox is on line.

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