Friday, December 15, 2017

Generics from Canada

I am old enough to remember when importing cheap generic drugs from Canada into the US was a big political controversy.

I am posting the stories below just for my own information, in case there is a conspiracy behind these deaths:

Read this story in the UK telegraph: Canadian pharmaceutical founder and wife dead in suspicious circumstances.

This old 2010 story at the NYTimes notes that their generic medicines have problems with quality control. One of their products is a fentanyl patch without gel: presumably not as easy to abuse.

and a 2014 story says they were suing Canada for not letting them import their drugs that were made in India.

and this older article notes they were helping supply cheap HIV medicines to Africa but found the red tape was so expensive they didn't plan to continue. More here about the problem of intellectual property and trade rights in the Canadian generic drug companies trying to supply medicines to third world charities.

or is it because they are in trouble for stealing trade secrets from another drug company? has the story of the big lawsuit over this.

WtF: Information on smoking a non-gel Fentanyl patches?... I was aware of the abuse but not that the powers that be allowed addicts place these discussions on the internet.

medical article on the problem.

so for conspiracy folks, we have sex, drugs and, well maybe not rock and roll but business shennanigans.

And of course, mentioning HIV drugs to Africa being in the conspiracy of Arkancide.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.

substandard, contaminated, and even counterfeit drugs are a big problem here, so I will keep an eye on it.

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