Saturday, July 12, 2014

When Quacks get a microphone

years after the vaccine hysterics hit the UKGuardian and ABC's the view, some mullahs picked up their advice third hand, and the result is a polio epidemic in west Africa and Pakistan....

and just to make sure no parent, seeing paralyzed neighbors, tries to let their children be vaccinated, the Taliban types are killing health care workers (mainly Muslim health care workers, and some of them women).

The UKGuardian and other liberal rags are blaming the doc who helped identify Osama (it's the CIA's fault) but that's a bunch of bull: The jihad against health care workers in the area started at least two years earlier, when the Taliban killed a Pakistani doc in charge of the local health care workers.

and now it is spreading to Syria and you need to renew your polio shots if you visit Israel.

Why shots? Well, in 7 out of a million cases of oral vaccine (I will check the numbers later, but it's about that low), the oral polio virus, which is a weakened form, will mutate back to the real thing.

So if you give oral vaccine to a kid, and his siblings have no immunity, his mom is pregnant, or his grand mom hasn't had her shots, those in contact with the kid could catch the real thing. Indeed, in some areas with spotty vaccinations, (e.g. India) half the polio cases are from this (and in the US, the reason they stopped giving the sugar cube and give your kid the shot nowadays is that nearly all cases were from this problem).

When 90 percent of the population is covered with either vaccine, well, that is not a real problem. But when the vaccine program is interrupted, there are lots of kids who could catch the disease, either from local polio or the rogue vaccine polio virus.

The irony is that polio, like Smallpox, is a human disease, and a couple of years ago the public health docs were hoping that we could wipe it out just like smallpox.

No way.

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