Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trauma kills kids

again SDaily

In 2010 alone, the top three causes of death for those aged between one and 30 were unintentional injury, suicide, and homicide. Almost four fifths of deaths among people in this age group were due to injuries, with only one fifth due to chronic diseases and only 1% due to infectious diseases. In 2010, among people of all ages, 121,000 died due to unintentional injuries, including automobile crashes, poisoning, and suffocation. Rates of suicide and homicide are unequally distributed across groups, the report found. Suicides were twice as common as homicides (38,364 deaths in 2010 alone, versus 16,259). The highest rates of suicide are found in Native American and Alaskan Natives (16.9 per 100,000) and non-Hispanic whites (14.9). Homicide rates for African Americans (18.6) were double those of the nearest group (Native Americans and Alaskan Natives) and several times higher than other groups. Large disparities between men and women were also observed in the rates of suicide (19.8 vs 5.0) and homicide (8.3 vs 2.2).

well, maybe someone should make movies and video games less violent.

The real problem is that these films JUSTIFY the violence as the only solution for a problem (you are bullied/dissed/stolen from/injured: so get them back).

So where are the films with forgiveness?

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