Tuesday, July 29, 2014

de plague de plague

no, not ebola that is trying to spread around the world (uh, ever hear of Quarantine?)

but the medieval one.

For later reading (via Medievalnet)

the treatment of the plague by Arab physicians.of moorish Spain.

full report here.

for later reading.

Most reports on the black plague are about Europe or England: Somewhere I heard a lecture however about how the drop in population meant that the irrigation system of Egypt collapsed causing more deaths.
And of course, the latest epidemic of black plague was in 19th century China.

then there is this report on medieval dutch nuns.


again for later reading...seems that the plague was weaker in that part of the world and it notes that in the high middle ages there were more women than men, which explains why all those girls were put into convents for lack of husbands and why there were so many prostitutes.

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