Saturday, July 20, 2013

Iris scanners?

TeaAtTrianon has links to an article on using Iris scanners to check if your kids are getting on the right school bus.

The Blinkspot scanner syncs with a mobile app that parents can use to see where their child is. Every time a child boards or exits the bus, his parent gets an email or text with the child's photograph, a Google map where they boarded or exited the bus, as well as the time and date.


so what could go wrong?

well, professional criminals will use contact lenses and other means to get around these things, and of  course, they could merely hack the database and change the information.

and what no one wants to check: If repeated infrared scanning will lead to premature development of cataracts.

one of the ironies of the Philippines is that everyone wears badges: even kids in schools.

I find it ridiculous: politicians steal millions of pesos but they are worried about identifying who is in school.

update PDF about infrared light and eye damage.

says stuff about LED lights too.. for further reading...

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