Friday, August 26, 2016

The PC non hippocratic killer doctors are coming

Wesley Smith has the latest ACLU suit against Catholic hospitals, and warns that when euthanasia comes, they may end up closing.

Two comments: These suits have been going on for at least 25 years. But the way the "forcing new unwanted laws on people via the courts" work is that if you get turned down 25 times, and finally find one judge (or one Supreme court justice to make it a majority) voila: Instant law

Who needs democracy when the courts will do it for you?

Second comment: The PC nuns will help them.

Item: A Tuscon hospital where the ethics board approved an abortion and the bishop cracked down is now a secular hospital.

Item: The Catholic hospital association caved in on ObamaCare, even though when Obama refused to let the democrats add a "no abortion" clause, the bishops pulled out. The nuns of the CHA justified it saying he promised to make this part of the law by fiat/executive order, but of course he didn't: He appointed pro abortion people to judge that contraception and abortion pills be paid for in any and every insurance policy, and sued Christian groups who objected.

A good place to watch is Canada: Are the hospitals there closing? Are the bishops objecting to their lax euthanasia law

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