Tuesday, August 16, 2016

druggie president

the next time you read how Gary Johnson says that making pot legal will eliminate the drug cartels and a lot of drug related crime, tell him he is lying.

The cartels are pushing meth and heroin.

Pushing as president a person who admits to being a chronic user of illegal drugs and belonging to a company that pushes marijuana products is now the choice of the Republican elite. A pox on all your houses.

No, he isn't using it for pain: and he stopped it to rund for president because he recognizes that the cognitive side effects would be bad if he was in charge of life and death decisions as president.

So it's okay to drive a car when you are high but not to start a nuclear war. Got it.

And the pain killer argument ignores that NSAIDS and Tylenol don't make one high, we docs often use anti depressives and anti convulsant type medicines to control neurologic pain.

some people do need narcotics for chronic pain.

You put them on a stable dosage, along with other medicines to keep the narcotic part to a minimum, and they can live a normal life.

Ah, but a lot of people who get addicted to narcotic analgesics were or are users or recreational drugs who misuse the prescriptions to get high...

and many of the prescription overdoses are in these abusers, or in people who steal the drugs from relatives or buy them on the street.

A person in pain can get physically addicted to a narcotic, but usually you can control their pain with a stable dosage. When the pain improves, you can wean them off the narcotic. It might take time, but it can be done.

But if you live in a pro drug culture, where getting high is the main aim in life, you overuse the drug and the we can't wean you off because all your friends are high and offer you other ways to get high.

But no one wants to talk about it, because they have nice friends who are druggies and it might hurt their feeling.

My favorite story: A local lawyer was arrested for cocaine use. This was in the Altoona area, where corruption is part of the legal system, so I suspect he plea bargained his drug selling down to possession, to avoid a long sentence.

And the judge who convicted him was almost in tears, saying he was sorry the guy had to go to jail but those dang mandatory sentencing laws gave him no choice. And the judge felt especially bad about the sentencing because it mean that the criminal record would stop him and his wife from adopting a nice baby girl they had planned to adopt.

At which point I rolled up my eyes and wondered: WTF? The judge thinks that it's terrible that the laws interfered with this chronic cocaine user and probable drug dealer from adopting a nice innocent baby?

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