Thursday, June 5, 2014

gay gene: back to the future

in the past, the theory is that homosexuality in men was developmental, while the Catholics thought it was an inborn weakness, similar to the inborn weakness toward promiscuity (read . sociopathy) and alcoholism. So now the UKTelegraph reports that it's a gene, but not completely and environmental influence is part of the mix. So does that mean the high amount of estrogen like chemicals in the environment not only contribute to metaabolic syndrome and low sperm counts, but make more boys decide they are gay? And if it is "environmental" as in family/culture, does that mean being seduced at age 10, as 20 percent of gay teenagers say tyey were in a cdc survey, means that these boys are more likely to be gay? Lots of taboos out there. Oh yes: I was ranting about the new meme about the stigma against single mothers being blamed on church people. But strangely, checking out western websites on the problem in Asia, they say the same thing (those darn buddhists). Hello: The problem is that single women have trouble making money and caring for their kids. Now that most moms work outside the home, and other single moms get welfare, that isn't seen as a problem, but in the days when women had few choices to work except for prostitution to support a child out of wedlock, you can see the problem.

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