Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Brother alert

not only does the NSA know you're sending LOL cat emails to Aunt Mary, but now your doctor knows if you bought a coca cola or cigarettes at Walmart.

It's one thing to have Amazon know what I have purchased and recommend more stuff, but another thing to snoop into my purchases, which after all might not be for myself but another person.

That last part is why the article (no link) about Chicago's mayor trying to snoop in on gun purchases is a joke: Only law abiding persons purchase a gun with all the paperwork and waiting periods. The bad guys steal them or buy them on the street from someone who stole them or bought them out of state.

This is one of the "subplots" of the Janet evanovich series of novels: The old folks buy their metamucil and guns from the back of cars on Stark street.

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