Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Giants are REAL

Anyone listening to Art bell type radio knows about those terrible giants who lived in the past.

Now, Western Digs confirms: At least one of these giants existed.

The remains of a man buried 3,800 years ago in a richly decorated California grave bear some unusual but unmistakable features — a protruding brow, a lantern jaw, thick leg and arm bones, and teeth so crowded together that at one point they erupt in rows three deep.
According to a new study of the ancient skeleton, they are signs of acromegaly, a rare disorder of the endocrine system that’s similar to gigantism.

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of course, most "giants" probably were only people who ate meat, and got larger from better nutrition.

When I was in Colombia, (rural city) my kids, who were 5 foot 7 teenagers, were "tall": most men were 5 foot 4, and women 5 foot...

And then we visited Ecuador (rural city); the men in traditional dress all seemed to be 5 foot 2 or less.

 So Native American buffalo hunters were larger than the white counterparts 150 years ago...but not quite "giants", but you can see how legends could easily exaggerate the height differences of normal folks.

Now, get an acromegaly affected man, and voila you do indeed have a giant. Think "Jaws" of James Bond fame, or Andre the Giant....

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