Friday, March 7, 2014

Remembering Baby Gerhard

The first victim of the nazi T4 program.

he had a name, and a "loving" father who wanted him dead.

He died from an overdose.

Not so the other 400 thousand

the newly discovered records show that it eventually extended to 296 medical facilities in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland, in which children and adults were drugged, gassed or starved.
Ms Weiss said: "We know that these crimes were meant to be kept secret. The relatives received fake letters of condolence. The doctors in charge worked under false names. This list is an attempt to admit what happened and put the record straight."

notice that part about "drugged gassed or starved"? What people don't realize is that the "euthanasia" cases the follow the protocol in places like Belgium and the netherlands are only the tip of the iceburg: The real problem is that too often people are deliberately "drugged ...or starved" in the name of "treatment", or killed by their doctors.

There is a fine line between not treating to kill and not treating so that you don't prolong dying. But this is the first line being blurred in medical training, and so soon we see the slippery slope is very very real...and this doesn't include the sociopaths who see killing as a "good thing" for all involved.

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