Saturday, August 10, 2013

The King's midwife

TYWKIWDBI has a photo of a birthing eduation doll used by Madame Coudray

Angélique-Marguerite du Coudray was a famous 18th century midwife and designed this mannequin to teach midwife trainees about delivering babies. Louis XV learned of her expertise and asked her to set up courses throughout France. From 1759-1779 she traveled the country with her mannequin and published her Abrégé de l’Art des accouchements (Abridged Art of Child Delivery)

actually, we used a similar mannequin to teach our midwifry students in Africa...

book about Mrs. Coudray HERE....they used to let you read it on line, and it was interesting but boring...alas, no longer: You have to shell out money to even check it out. This site says you can read it on line, but it's not loading for me.

nowadays, they have big expensive mannequins to teach you how to deliver a baby. LINK...

well, the dirty little secret is that you learn how to deliver a baby by...delivering a baby...see one, do one, teach one...but few women are willing to be "guinea pigs" for half  trained residents nowadays...

and since things like breech births with extended arms or face presentations are rare, maybe the way of the future is training with such birth simulators so you can do it "automatically" when these rare things occur.

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