Thursday, August 15, 2013

Farmer's markets open in Chicago neighborhoods

Article in the Chicago suntimes about allowing larger community gardens and farmers markets to sell in the inner city neighborhoods.

What is not mentioned: a lot of mom and pop markets close due to crime, and places like Walmart, which has lots of veggies (including ethnic veggies) is not allowed.

but I know one problem is lack of stores: I used to go to a 24 hour market to Boston it was a warehouse type grocery, but elsewhere it was usually the 24 hour Walmart superstores to buy food, including veggies. of course, that shopping was once a week (so fresh veggies often didn't keep that long) but the prices in the small towns were higher and the selection a lot smaller... that is one reason I laugh at those "bring your own bag" types showing an attractive young woman carrying a small tote bag: Uh, even when there was only two of us, we often bought four or five bags of groceries every week...add kids, and double that.

Now, imagine you are on a limited budget, and you see the problem. In Boston, the poor took a cab and filled it with bags and bags of groceries...

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