Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hepatitis A epidemic in Hawaii?

UKMail article.

Hep A spreads by the "finger/feces/flies" route.

If a flight attendent and a food service worker are among the cases, but that doesn't answer if they wre the source of the epidemic or if they caught it . A person with a mild case can give it to some folks, it means someone was not washing their hands correctly.

We often find it also via contaminated water (feces contaminated water) in third world countries, or from foods or water in third world countries (i.e. salad and fresh fruit, washed with contaminated water or contaminated by flies) and also it spreads like wild fire in daycare centers, and in some subgroups that use, (how should I say this) kinky sex practices.

Hepatitis B often results in a carrier state, but HepA is limited in being infectious. We used to keep them hospitalized in quarrantine for weeks, until they found the infectivity was low after the first week or two, and usually we could control it with hand washing and gloves and keeping their plates clean (i.e. paper plates or strong detergent).

Mayoclinic link

there is a vaccine for it: Babies nowadays get both hep A and Hep b vaccine.
Hep B is nastyer than hep A
As a health care worker, I got HepB but not hep was a hazard for anyone in the health care field back then.

But Hep A is not so severe, and has a lower mortality.

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