Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fentanyl updates

some of the overdoses are from a similar drug used to sedate large animals...

ordinary lab testing can't tell the difference between this and fenanyl and it is very similar in it's actions.

and guess where it is coming from?

Like fentanyl, carfentanil is dangerous not just to users but to anyone who comes into contact with it. Grains of it can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled. According to the DEA, most fentanyl analogues in the United States are being manufactured in China and transported through Mexico.

more HERE Carfentanil

China's drug page on Wikipedia.

a lot of it is supplying precursor chemicals to refine heroin in Burma etc.

But more recently it has gone into the manufacture and supply business.

more HERE. (International Business Times UK).

China has become the "chemical and pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer of new psychoactive substances in the world," according to a new Europol report.
It warned that it is possible that criminal organisations will become even more active, given the large profits and low risk of production and distribution of these substances.

 The report, the EU Drug Markets Report 2016l....according to South China Morning Post, adds weight to previous reports that point to China and its expanding pharmaceutical industry as "playing an increasingly important role in the international drug trade."

Remember, in China, as in the Philippines, a small "gift" will get the regulators to look the other way.

And China, along with India, is one of the sources of "counterfeit" and cheap but inferior generic drugs.

The counterfeit/inferior drug problem, mainly from China and India, probably kills more people than heroin.

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