Thursday, June 5, 2014

The fault in our stars

The latest cancer flick is getting good reviews

But the review writer doesn't see why they stuck Anne Frank into the story: Uh, duh:  It is actually a story that closely parallels the diary of Anne Frank: the story of a teenager who attempts a normal life in the face of death.

LINK  this teenager found a lot of it rings true:

Toward the end of the year, Hope picked up The Fault in Our Stars. She couldn't put it down.
"My mom kept telling me to stop smiling when I was reading it," she said. "A lot of stuff they talk about is extremely accurate to how a bunch of cancer kids feel."
ah but why is it popular among teens?

and no, it has nothing to do with the old flick "love story"

I enjoyed the book, and was impressed that in the movie ads, the girl is pale and slightly maybe they got the medical part right.

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