Monday, June 23, 2014

Ebola outbreak

the UKGuardian says the outbreak "is out of control", and the "doctors without frontiers" group is claiming they treated 400 plus, meaning they treat most of the cases (why do I wonder if there are more cases out there?)

The traditional African way to treat these patients was similar to how they treated smallpox: Put them in a hut away from the village, put food and water at the door of the hut, and if no one picks it up after a week or two, burn the hut down.

Sounds cruel, but when a lot of folks blame the massive number of Native American deaths from European diseases on the fact that they cared for their sick relatives, it probably kills a lot fewer people than being "compassionate".

And the "christian" way would be to let volunteers to care for the sick: 

Calling Father Damian...

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