Friday, October 12, 2018

Latest fad: The New Jersey diet


every year there is another "magic" diet.

The problem of obesity is world wide now. Why?
well, here in the Philippines, whereas in the past kids worked in the fields they now take a tricycle to school.
And their parents now have handplows and threshers that make growing rice less work intensive.
And of course, even if you can't afford the 75 peso hamburger at McD or the 50 peso hamburger at jolibee, you can buy two for 25 pesos at the kiosk at the night market.

And women don't have 6 kids anymore (the fertility rate is down: most women have two or three kids).

And what no one wants to discuss: Estrogens in plastic and phytoestrogen in the envirtonment, and  estrogen from birth control pills.

which induces the gene for metabolic syndrome.

Of course, I am superstitious: My Austrian aunt, who is tiny because of the starvation of the WWI era, visited her home village in the 1930s and told everyone there was going to be another war.
This was when Hitler was not being taken seriously, so my mom asked her how she came to that conclusion. And she replied: because all the peasant women were getting fat, because they sensed a war was coming.


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