Thursday, April 12, 2018

marijuana in workers: why so many unemployed?

 Legalizing marijuana analysis by the CDC.

remember, marijuana, unlike alcohol, has a long halflife, and they worry about safety issues in users. But the data is unclear, partly because the test for using Marijuana is not very good (long half life might show positive for subclinical amounts, and technical difficulties in doing the test will miss a lot of cases), and also because many accidents that reported marijuana positive people showed that the person also had other drugs in their system.

you mean druggies will take anything to feel good? Duh.

14% of workers have smoked it recently according to the survey.

Not a big deal if it is your waiter, but what about if they are your nurse in the hospital, or if they drive a truck or schoolbus, or are working at a construction site?

but maybe they shouldn't worry too much because of this snippet deep in the article:

Of those respondents, 10,169 (54.5%) indicated that they were employed or had been out of work for less than 1 year.

Uh, do you mean 46% weren't working? well, maybe it was this high because it was a telephone survery, but we don't know anything about their drug use in this survey.

but that high percentage calls to question the low unemployment in Colorado statistics that pro drug sites have trumpeted all over the place.

the trouble with "unemployment" statistics is that they tend to use numbers from those collecting unemployment compensation and seeking a job, so miss those who are not looking for work, are too sick or old to work, who are not working in the marketplace but caring for children etc. in the home, or who are too lazy/high/drunk to find and keep a job.

theAtlantic: The rise of invisible unemployment.

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