Friday, January 5, 2018

Generic drugs and the Clinton foundation

Like a lot of "charitable Trusts" (or like the Vatican for that matter), the Clinton foundation is probably doing good while supporting a lot of hucksters.

Charles Ortel writes about that here. I don't understand much of it, being an economic/financial illiterate, but this part I do know something about:

How did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, while U.S. attorney in Maryland, miss the fact that the Clinton Foundation was promoting use of potentially adulterated HIV/AIDS drugs from October 2003 forward, even as he took until May 2013 to help win a $500 million set of penalties against the Indian manufacturer of the generic drugs?

there has been a big push to let people use "generics", but the dirty little secret is that a lot of Chinese and Indian companies don't have the quality control standards of western companies, and what is worse, a lot of them adulterate the medicine or even push counterfeit medicine that doesn't work as the real thing.

To make things worse, they underprice western companies, meaning that now even brand name drugs might be made overseas: The heparin scandal, where a cheaper chemical was added to the heparin so that it could pass the testing phase but didn't work and killed a few people is the tip of the iceburg.

Fake antibiotics and anti malarials are the cause of many deaths in poor countries, as the linked article goes into the many ways and problems with generics. And since people often die despite the best treatment, one can see how deaths can be overlooked or hidden, especially in rural areas or the slums of poor countries.

and then you have the "cough medicine" deaths because they added antifreeze as a cheap sweetener to cough medicine, and killed at least 100 people in Central America. 

after "activists" condemned "big pharma" for opposing the use of generic medicines for HIV, Bill Clinton's push to get the generics was hailed... but not really examined closely.

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