Sunday, November 5, 2017

Plagues and other disease in the news.


marburg virus (spread by ?) and Black death/plague (spread by fleas and also air borne in this epidemic) in Africa.

CDC course on biosafety

ukIndependent article on different hazmat suits.

you know, the "modern" folks always ridicule those superstitious docs of the middle ages for using the medieval equivalent of a biosuit, but I wonder if it did work: Covered the body so no flea bites, and the herbs in the beak which were supposed to filter the germ might indeed have filtered the bacteria in pneumonic flu.



but epidemics aren't just for Africa anymore:

SanDiego, a year after a Hepatitis A epidemic hit, is finally goin officially after the source of the epidemic: Homeless camps. (private NGO's have already tried to help them, but now it's official).

City officials said, so far, clean-ups have taken place on two dates in locations around Qualcomm Stadium, with more are to come.
Homeless outreach teams with the San Diego Police Department have also conducted outreach efforts in recent months along the river that included offering hepatitis vaccinations and access to shelter services.
“Our crews will continue to make progress cleaning the city’s portion of the San Diego Riverbed,” said Mario Sierra, director of the environmental services department. “Many areas are challenging because of topography, vegetation and access, but we must do what we can to ensure the river is as free from debris and trash as possible.”
Late last month, behind a Kaiser Permanente medical office building, a well-entrenched homeless camp of about five tents sat tucked out of sight along the San Diego River. “With them cracking down downtown so bad, we’re getting over populated down here,” said a 27-year-old living on the river who identified himself as Rabbit. Rabbit points out bags of trash piled up around his tent and the colorful mess that is a typical river camp — evidence, he said, that folks have tried to keep the area somewhat tidy.

"tidy"? Hell. The city has the right to arrest or forcibly remove both the people and the trash: and arrest the if necessary.

you know, it used to be you could do this for the sake of public safety, (one is reminded when Honolulu stopped a plague epidemic by buning down China town, the source of the disease).

and in th past, doctors could inspect hookers, and close bars which were the source of STDs, including bathhouses where gays would have multiple sexual contacts.

but after the gays got upset and arranged a "recall vote" against Mayor Feinstein because she tried to shut down the bathhouses because of an epidemic of syphillis, Hepatitis B, and other diseases, now that is against "civil rights".

The result of that action, of course, was hundreds of deaths from HIV...

Something to remember when the gay lobbies place "ain't it awful" stories about homophobia when foreign countries raid and shut down bars that are a source of disease.

ironically, few "gays" have protested how Cuba prevented an HIV epidemic by quarantining their soldiers who returned from Africa with the infection. Guess communists get a pass on such things.

An aside note: a US teen magazine aimed at teenaged girls had a how to do it guide to sodomy... never mind that this spreads disease and is humiliating for most women. The good news is that the magazine has now shut down, maybe because of a boycott.

It used to be you were a prude to say it's okay to say no, but now with the Weinstein/Hollywood/Spacey stories in the news, the victims who were shamed in the past to agree to sex, or who lost jobs because they refused, are now hitting back.

Why, yes. That is why the rules were devised in the first place: not to stop your fun but to protect you from predators and sociopaths.

there is a quip that the sexual revolution was won by the bad boys, but now the ones they hurt are getting their revenge.

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