Thursday, September 29, 2016

Alberta opposes eugenics

they kill Indigenous people, don't they?

Metis (and ex MP) Mrs Gay Caswell (and the Catholic bishops of Alberta) are pointing out the legal irregularities of the Suicide bill in Canada mandated by their courts and then rammed through the Parliament with little discussion by Baby Trudeau....

she points out that the public was told the court decision was final, but as an MP she knows there is a clause that lets parliament overturn decisions that go against (section 31 of the Canadian Charter).

Hmm... maybe the US should have a similar way to stop the court system from making law, which is after all supposed to be done by the people's elected representatives...

The Indigenous people of Alberta were victims of the Eugenics movement in the 1920's, so like the Black Americans who remember the Tuskegee project, they tend to be suspicious....
and if you think this is about personal freedom, well, follow the money.


speaking of medical problems: CDC on poor coverage by influenza vaccine.

Ironically, it is not a strong vaccine, so giving it to adults, caretakers, and children would do more to stop the elderly from catching it than actually giving the vaccine to those whose immune system might be too weak to develop immunity.

CDC reports 12 percent of working age Americans have at least one disability.

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