Saturday, June 25, 2016

High morbidity with a syndrome? Maybe we should find a cure

shal we accept transgendered people, or seek to cure them?

via Mom Jones: Here is a genetic and/or behavioral psychiatric condition with a high morbidity:

  • Of the 25 million transgender people in the world, the depression rate is 60 percent in some regions, compared with an estimated 5 percent of non-transgender people.
  • The rate of attempted suicide is 41 percent for trans people, compared to 1.6 percent for the general population.
  • Transgender people are nearly 50 times more vulnerable to HIV than their cisgender—people whose gender is in line with their sex assigned at birth—counterparts.
  • Between 2008 and 2016, there were 2115 documented killings of transgender people. (That's most likely an undercount.)
  • In the United States, a 2011 study found of those who expressed gender non-conformity at any point between kindergarten and 12th grade, 35 percent were victims of violence.

  • question: Should we encourage them to act on their desires, or find a way for them to control their behavior?

    IT seems to me to be a variation of Obsessive compulsive disorder: Like the multi plastic surgery etc. types we see on reality TV shows.

    So should we as doctors try to cure them? True, previous "medical" ways to treat gays didn't work well, but does that mean we might not find that, say, stem cells into the hypothalmus might work, or maybe an SSRI to lower the OCD part of the disorder? I have no idea if there are studies on this.

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