Friday, April 29, 2016

Shistosomiasis and HIV (Caution X rated article)

Drudge links to an article about a "worm" associated with HIV.

 Seems that some smart people actually noticed that women with shistosomiasis in the GU tract might have mini sores that let in the HIV virus.


 Wait til they find a lot ofwomen use herbs to "treat" their vaginal dischage and dry the secretions so the men get more pleasure with sex (something the Village Voice noticed 20 years ago).

 This "dryness" might also be why the HIV rate is so much higher in women who use the DepoProvera shot: The progesterone leads to sticky mucus and less lubrication.

 Like circumcision, one wonders why no one put two and two together.

But it's like the taboo with gay sex: That recctal intercourse leads to more abraisions and bleeding (women: Think hard bm when you are pregnant and bleed). and that this sex practice might have something to do with HIV sread in Gays in the USA.

That practice, and the huge increase in gay promiscuity with the sexual revolution, were why HIV spread so quickly.... it's not like docs didn't notice: They tried to get the bath houses closed because of the Hepatitis B and syphillis epidemics in San Francisco before the first cases of HIV were noticed...but the gays did  a recall election against the mayor for what one would now call "homophobia".

 And I am still waiting for smart scientists to figure that another reason for HIV might be that some women practice anal intercourse as a means of brith control.... when you are pregnant or nursing, there is a taboo against vaginal intercourse, since breast milk is the only protein source for young children, so nursing continutes to 2 to 3 years. When the kid is weaned, he is fed the usual diet, which is low in protein, and we see "kwashiorkor", a disease of protein deficiency with enough carbohydrate calories.

If the woman gets pregnant before then, usualy the kids can't digest the "porridge" made from corn (Sadza) so we saw "marasmus" (thin and starved of calories and protein).

Well, anyway, if a woman gets pregnant too soon, she weans the kid and he usually dies. So intercourse is taboo.

Local joke: Poor man: Five wives, all pregnant or breast feeding. He might as well be single.

In traditional villages, the husband of a woman who got pregnant too soon would be ridiculed. Hence other practices, such as intracrural intercourse and rectal intercourse.

But with colonial economic changes, men often had to work outside the home, so when they came home once every few months, there is no way the woman would say no....

Some might blame Christianity, but even before Christianity, polygamy was limited, but since poor men rarely had several wives, this was not as big a problem for the poor as for the middle class, who were educated enough not to worry about taboos and rich enough to think they were entited to sex, so promptly switched to prostitutes and got HIV.... HIV essentially wiped out the educated and urban middle class in many of these African countries.

There was a push to encourage regular mistresses in some countries awhile back for this reason.

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