Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ebola update

Sheryl Atkinson at Fox news says that new cases of Ebola are no longer being reported in the news, or on the CDC news for political reasons.

The CDC has put out (finally) videos how to put out suits and protective gear, but no recent news of cases except in local papers.

So how many possible cases are there? 1400 are being monitored they told her.

MMWR homepage here. The Ebola page has mainly reports in Africa for the last two months.

so this should be in the monthly report of reportable diseases, yet their link gives a 2012 report. Huh?

my rss feed gives me the latest here.

but you have to find it in the footnotes:

There were no cases of viral hemorrhagic fever reported during the current week. In addition to the 4 cases of Ebola diagnosed in the United States to date in 2014, six residents of the
US have been medically evacuated to the US for care after developing Ebola in West Africa. Ten of the 11 VHF cases reported for 2014 are confirmed as Ebola and one as Lassa Fever. See Table II for dengue hemorrhagic fever.
So most cases being monitored haven't developed the disease, yet.

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