Sunday, October 5, 2014

let the kid die?

Jahi declared dead, mom takes her home against doctor's orders.

Jahi is now alive and showing signs of life. What's worse, he brainstem is damaged but her cortex is alive on tests.

Expect a major lawsuit against the hospitals, and as a doc I wonder if the rush to diagnose her was because if she lived, it would be an expensive and dirty lawsuit against the hospital.

And one wonders if racism was behind the rush to declare her dead. No, I don't think so (doctors are now being trained to see the mentally handicapped of all races as useless eaters). But one wonders if the family thinks racism might be behind it, or if the black community is taking note of the case. It's an open secret that Blacks and other minorities won't sign "living wills" because of distrust of the medical establishment, and given how our Native American patients were treated in "liberal" Minnesota, I suspect they have a point. Where is Al Sharpton when we need him?

Yes, I am joking, but I suspect Jahi's mom didn't go along with the doctors because of this mistrust (the black community still remembers Tuskeegee experiment).

One wonders if she was a thin blond child, not a fat black girl, if the docs would be so fast to diganose brain dead when there were still drugs and brain swelling going on.

But of course, a white kid's family would have agreed with the docs (especially if the parents were educated) and let them remove the tubes keeping her alive.

the doctor involved in the case, Dr Shewman, once wrote a detailed analysis in 1990 why anencephalic babies should not be declared brain dead. It's a really scary read, but didn't stop the AMA experts a few years later declaring these babies should be sacrificed for organs (public outcry stopped them and they changed their wonders if it would get the same reception now).

but the most disturbing part of all of this is the comments riduculing those who see her as a human being...essentially is saying hey she's dead because they think so (not because of any scientific reason) or worse, she's better off dead...

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