Thursday, September 4, 2014

Malpractice in plain sight

Joan Rivers died during what appears to be a biopsy of her vocal cord lesion, and it appears no one was monitoring her during her light anesthesia.

 This happens: I have seen deaths or near deaths from tooth extraction and tonsillectomy because of bad anesthesia. And you might want to keep it in mind when liberal judges nix laws that require decent standards of medical care for abortion clinics. I suspect a lot more deaths are occuring than reported? Why? Because I read an article years ago that the NY abortion law was a success, because no one died and there were few complications.

At the time the article was written in the early 1970's, our gyne ward was full of complications from NYCity abortion clinics on poor black women, and I know of at least one patient who died of renal failure because she signed out of the hospital who was monitoring her high risk pregnancy to get an abortion, and promptly died because the renal failure wasn't monitored anymore, and lupus nephropathy often exacerbates after delivery, even when it is done at 28 weeks (it was a viable baby, but never mind. And I suspect the death, which occured three days after the abortion, was never reported as abortion related, even though back then they usually aborted these kids with high salt injections of the amniotic cavity, which would have exacerbated the problem).

This was in the days before dialysis was paid for by medicaid, of course. Poor women died of renal failure back then.

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