Sunday, December 15, 2013


just place for later thinking:

You have three choices: GM eggplant, eggplant full of pesticides, or eat the little buggers that infest them.

I should note that commonly the eggplants here are the slim "japanese" type, although we do have the round white ones too.

and the note about  GM soy allergies: uh, that was a common allergy thirty years ago...but didn't get the hysteria like we see the gluten intolerance problem, I suspect it is simply more cases being recognized or treated, since 30 years ago few anti histamines were used. The data doesn't support a huge rise in cases, and notes that many "food allergies" are merely intolerance to certain foods.

The real problems are exaggerated by bad science that gets picked up by the paranoid greens, who attribute every problem to either global warming or GM foods without good studies. So if allergies to peanuts are up, it must be because GM soy beans were introduced about then, never mind the other reasons that might be behind it.

My take: The problem is a small number that may or may not be more common than 30 years agp, and there are many hysterical reactions to mild cases.

and what if there are other causes? For example, all those "low cholesterol" ways of preparing peanuts. From the article above:
Instead, changes in food manufacturing might be to blame. Dry-roasting peanuts, common in the USA, UK and Australia, increases allergenicity compared with boiling or frying peanuts, as is common in China

and true allergies, such as peanut allergies, might indeed be higher, but the problem is that we don't have GM peanuts...and indeed, GM peanuts have been proposed to stop the allergy problem by removing the protein behind the reaction (ditto for soy beans).


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