Friday, November 29, 2013

Kaching: Fat women can't use plan B...

Only MomJones has bothered to notice Plan B doesn't work for the 30 percent of American women who are overweight.

Uh, fellahs: the dirty little secret is that it lowered the number of women expected to get pregnant after intercourse, using rape patients as an example, instead of using sexually active women who had a higher chance of being pregnant.

And pushing it on teenagers is worse: They get sick and don't take the pills right.; And the rate of pregnancy is higher when used several days later (when it aborts the implanting embryo) than when taken within hours (when it stops ovulation).

and the experts pushing it on teenagers don't seem to know that the only thing that works to stop unwanted pregnancy in teenagers is long acting shots: because a lot of teens "forget" to use condoms or take the pill (sometimes because subconsciously they want a baby, sometimes because they are high or drunk, and sometimes, as I would tease my patients, it's hard to put a condom on in the front seat of a car.)

I only give out "Plan b" to rape patients who appear within hours to the ER (When it is contraceptive, not abortion causing) but I know cases where the girls didn't take the second dose because it made them nauseous, or delayed taking it because they were ambivalent. One teenager carried it in her purse and every time her mom threatened to discipline her, she pulled it out and said: "If you ground me I'll abort your grandchild".

the drug companies that push Plan B are making a fortune off of it: It's not a "new" medicine, so it is cheaper to make, but with the new "formulation" they can charge full price of it.

No wonder they have "activists" pushing for it's use (including pushing it as over the counter and as mandated to be paid for by Obamacare)

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