Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cross posting: Fetal alcohol syndrome.

Long blog post on my other blog about Fetal alcohol syndrome.

We saw a lot of this on the reservation when I worked in the IHS.
many have ADHD and intellectual difficultiies.

aand young folks now are smoking marijuana instead, as "safe" but the "studies" are out of date: The drug was much less potent 40 years ago when the studies were done, and like alcohol the damage is dose related.

So studies asking "have you ever" often are nonsense.
A little wine probably does nothing, but a heavy drinking bout or heavy daily alcohol use is not the same thing. I mean, not all kids had FAS in the good old days when beer and wine were used all the time (because water was dangerous and full of germs, ergo "drink a little wine in your water for your stomach's sake"...( something that tea and coffee drinking put a stop to).

 One puff, or a heavy habit.

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