Friday, January 20, 2017

Take your pills dear

I remember years ago when the "experts" complained that pills with several ingredients inside were too rigid and too expensive, and that giving a patient the correct dosage which was nuanced for treatment was a better idea.

So instead of one blood pressure pill, you now took three. Some of them twice a day.

And people forgot.

So SciDaily says Hey, maybe fewer pills will lead to people remembering to take them.

"Fixed-dose combination pills appear to enhance adherence and persistence to anti-hypertensive medications among commercially insured patients starting treatment compared with single therapy," says Lauffenburger, in summarizing the findings. "For patients beginning anti-hypertensive treatment, clinicians may therefore want to consider starting patients on a fixed-dose combination pill rather than a single therapy."

yeah, like a lot of stuff in ivory towers, maybe they should have had a little imput by docs in the front lines.

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