Sunday, November 6, 2016

eating placentas and spirit cooking and the taxidriver rule

My previous blogpost was about yuppies eating placentas because dogs do it, and hey, there are reports that a couple of tribes might have done it once in a while.

But now the latest kerfuffle is about Spirit cooking.

The usual idiots saw a reference to it on an email of John Podesta's brother, and now are claiming Hillary is into devil worship.

Shhes. She's a Pelagian liberal Christian, where her zeal at pushing "good deeds" as a SJW trumps all her bad deeds, like taking 100 thousand dollars a speech at Goldman Sachs.

So what "spirit cooking" are they referring to in the email?

Snopes has the details.

"Spirit Cooking" was an art project Abramovic created in 1996. Although Abramovic's cookbook does reference recipes containing bodily fluids such as semen and breast milk, Abramovic told ArtNews that her home cooking events don't actually feature these items.

so it was a dinner hosted by an artist whose modern performance art uses pig blood and who has published a cookbook using bodily fluids.

Spirit Cooking, Abramovic explained, was a performance she staged at a number of museums around the world in the ‘90s, painting graffiti with pigs’ blood. She also made a limited-edition book, which contains various recipes. That book is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among other places.
and although the book and recipes and bloody art work have nothing to do with Satan, it does have to do with "spirituality".

And the Satanism charge? “Anybody who wants can read my memoirs and find out that [my work] is far away from Satanism,” she said. (The book was just released this week, she noted, and it’s doing well on Amazon.) “My work is really more about spirituality and not anything else,”

not noted: Which spirit is she involved with?

TheOtherMcCain is full of blogposts about the mental twistedness of modern feminism, and the travails of modern feminists who seem to need a psychiatrist, but since I always worked with the poor, I am not familiar with the decadence of modern colleges and since I avoid "feminist ideology" blogs, I will have to take their word for it.

why did I put this on my medical blog? well, it's too R rated for my ordinary blog, and this artist seems to have a mental illness that needs treatment.

Pigs blood can spread disease when eaten in traditional Asian dishes that are undercooked ...

and we had an Ebola Reston epidemic in pigs that did manage to infect a few of those in contact with "pig products"... (who luckily only got a mild flu like illness). it isn't clear from the article if they had just cleaned up the muck,  (finger/feces route) had contact with blood or lung tissue during butchering, or had inhaled the virus from the muck or animal, which would be a more dangerous scenerio (airborn Ebola Reston was noted in monkeys in the book the Hot Zone).

lbut pig carry other diseases: Trichinosis from eating uncooked meat is the most famous but I ran across one article stating that a lot of AmerIndians died from after DeSoto went through what is now the Southern USA, and a lot of epidemiologists blame it on the fact that the Spanish traveled with pigs as a source of fresh meat, and they spread infectious disease, either Hepatitis or swine flu.

None of these diseases would be a danger to those who view the creations of this artist, although she might be at risk.

And ditto for "bodily fluids". Does she wear gloves and take precautions as per OSCA regulations? Uh, Zika and HIV and various forms of hepatitis are spread via body fluids for example.

However, what is this about bodily fluids in her recipes? This seems to be done out of sheer desire for being yucky... a sign of decadence, to shock. It is only art because modern art has morphed into a way to shock ordinary people.

So about once a year we read about modern art work being thrown out in the trash by a clueless janitor who thinks it is trash.

In psychiatry, we were told of a "Taxidriver rule": if an average taxi driver thought that the person's behavior or ideas sounded crazy, then maybe they were crazy.

Sounds like some of Hillary's close associates hung out with such a crazy person, and didn't recognize they were crazy, what does that say of her ability to pick staff?

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