Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dengue? we have an app for that

IEEESpectrum reports that India has an app for Dengue fever outbreaks.

Researchers have developed a reliable early warning system for dengue fever outbreaks in Lahore, the capital city of the province of Punjab in Pakistan. Based on statistical analysis of dengue-related phone calls to a public health hotline, the system can track the incidence of symptoms down to the neighborhood and give local government officials a three-week heads up on potential outbreaks.

the article explains that many third world countries don't have the resources to spray/clean up everywhere, but if they get a headsup that there are dengue cases in the area, they can prioritize cleanup/ spraying in these areas.

Dengue spread via mosquitoes, and only can spread the disease if a person with dengue is in the area.... by noticing new areas with dengue cases, they can kill/stop mosquito breeding before the bugs spread the disease to more folks.

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