Tuesday, January 19, 2016

bad statistics or real?

The latest is that if you eat too many potatoes, you get fat.

Well, duh. Oh yes: and potatoes are linked to anencephaly (although our area in Africa had a rate similar to that cited in the literature...most were premies or stillborn so not counted in statistics).

Or could it be that Ireland and Russia have a genetic tendency toward anencephaly?

Or maybe it is socioeconomic: Lower middle class eats french fries/chips, upper class yuppies eat salad.

Not clear from the article, and I didn't peruse the original article.

Similar problem: heartburn drugs and kidney problems.

Well, if you are fat, you are more likely to have GERD/reflux, so take more of them.

And if you are fat, you are more likely to get diabetic kidney disease.

Again I wonder what the original article says, but I am too lethargic to google to find out.

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