Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lives matter?

BBC has a story of a "Christmas miracle", of a child who lived after her life support was turned off.

then we have the Texas man who kept them from turning off the life support for his "brain dead" son, by holding them off with a gun.

He was drunk, so ended up in jail and not shot by the SWAT team who negotiated hoping he'd sober up, but the really strange part of the story is that his son lived.

then there is the Jahi McMath case... and if you don't think minority patients will start getting suspicious, you are naive.

We had one of our nursing home patients who was alert but with frontal lobe brain damage. She couldn't swallow very well, so had a feeding tube. But frontal lobe damabe meant she cried with tears as if sad when she saw her family, and she could be quite loud. So we sent her to a neurologist to see if there was a medicine that could help her without sedating her.

The neurologist didn't examine her, but spent the whole time advising the family to remove the feeding tube.

The parents and siblings, traditional Indians, kept their silence, but on leaving, the cousin, an LPN who had accompanied her to the doc, turned and told him off saying: That's the difference between you white people and us: We care for our sick and elderly.

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