Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Medical Cannabis doesn't work

This one is from the UK Mail but you can find similar stories in the MSM.

There is very little evidence to suggest cannabis can help ease the symptoms of a raft of illnesses, scientists have said.
Medicinal cannabis has been legalised in 23 US states as a therapy to treat disease or alleviate symptoms, and a further seven states have legislation pending.
But despite the drug's legal status in many parts of the world, the debate rages as to whether it is effective.
A new study, in which scientists assessed the findings of 79 randomised trials including around 6,500 volunteers, found the evidence supporting the use of medical cannabis is weak.

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It doesn't work statistically....I suspect most of the "benefits" were placebo effect, in former druggies.

However, I suspect, on the other hand, like using anti depressents for pain, it makes you not care that you hurt.

Two things: One: You notice a lot of those who use it for "glaucoma" ignore that to work it needs quite a dose, making them high all the time? Ah but better than using eyedrops that don't do this?

The other problem: The medical marijuana organizations are funded by millionaires (Including Soros' Open Society program). That last organization has a larger agenda, including legalizing all drugs, and medical marijuana is the nose of the camel entering the tent.

Oh yes: They also support legalized euthanasia, which is why they are funding "end of life" type organizations, and slowly subverting those who run them.

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