Sunday, September 28, 2014

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unsafe contraception in Africa?

Statement made by Kwame Fosu:
We all believe that women should have access to safe contraception.  However, in Melinda Gates’ 2020 Family Planning Initiative, she is using Sayana Press or Depo Proveraas one of the central contraceptives being targeted to African women. Depo Provera has serious side effects.  Bill Gates’ own researcher Dr. Renee Heffron came up with research in October of 2011, which stated that Depo Provera and injectables significantly increased risk of transmitting and acquiring HIV/AIDS. Not only that, but Depo Provera also doubles the risk of breast cancer and causes [excessive] bleeding.  So my question is this: in countries where HIV is a significant problem, where we don’t have access to good healthcare, why would we be using the most dangerous contraceptives for African women, when in countries like Holland, they all use very safe low-dose contraceptives.
Fosu’s statement was made in a meeting co-sponsored by IPPF, Denmark and Liberia which was meant to attract high level ministers in New York for the General Assembly.
Fosu included a reference to Holland because, as public health policy, long-term progesterone contraceptives such as Depo Provera and Norplant are rarely used by women in European countries.

several reasons we used this before the HIV problem was known: First, unlike the pill, it does not decrease breast milk, so less malnutrition in babies.
Second; You could give it out at baby clinics, without worrying that the pills wouldn't be taken correctly or lost or deteriorate from the heat.
third: the HIV problem might be demographic (in urban promiscuous populatons vs the rural women who use non vaginal intercourse when breast feeding).

in the US, the drop of teen aged pregnancies is from using depo instead of the pill...theoretically the pill has a 1 to 2 percent pregnancy rate, but in teenaged girls it is ten percent or higher, since they tend to foget the pill...

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