Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trying to stop the psychotic

the latest shooting of elites by an elite isn't quite fitting the meme.

He warned folks, but the cops thought he was "nice" when they interviewed him, so let him go.

He is "autistic" so no one noticed when his thoughts turned psychotic (Makes me wonder if many "high functioning" autistics were previously diagnosed as "simple schizophrenia" or "childhood schizophrenia". His thought are not logical but psychotic, but no one noticed because he was autistic...yet the concrete thinking of autism is seen in schizophrenia, but not the delusional thinking, which in this case seemed right out of Ted Kazinscki (SP?).

He was a virgin: what, no hookers nearby?

He hated. Again, not autistic, since most autistics don't notice other people and don't really care.

He was Indoy America: Half asian, but the meme is that he was "white".

He was in a halfway house...again, no one monitored him?

He bought a gun even though he was in a halfway house? Again, no one monitored this?

The crime will be used to hit gun control, even though he stabbed three of the seven victims.

The crime will be used to stigmatize sexism, even though four of his seven victims were men.
But the main problem is that people want "tolerance" so refuse to recognize psychosis as a disease, not reality.

he might have had autism but his diagnosis here was paranoid schizophrenia.

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