Friday, February 7, 2014

Eat your veggies

No link, but there was a report that noted poor people no longer are starving, but fat from high calorie food that is now cheap.

Heh. I remember when poor kids ate a coke and candy bar for breakfast: Now they eat a McMuffin. Change is good.

But the article noted that people simply won't buy the more expensive and hard to cook veggies.

Maybe instead of salad bars, (which is coated with sulfites to keep it from turning brown, so I get hives if I eat it). they should add stir fry veggies a la Chinese chop suey.

Or maybe the experts might want to read the UKMail, whose headline has what every mom already knows:

Smothering children's vegetables in ketchup and cheese sauce really DOES help them eat greens for life

  • This trick makes children look more favourably upon the vegetables

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